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They made it to Fluthershy's cottage.

Sora-Wooow, what a beautiful house.

Fluttershy-Thank you Sora, it's not much but it's home.

Sora-I think it actually fits you pretty well.

Fluttershy opened it and the place was full of animals. Just then a bunny ran up to them and froze as soon as he spotted Sora.

Sora-A bunny?

Fluttershy-Yeah, this is my pet Angle.

Sora-Pretty name.

Angel was acting nervous.

Fluttershy-Angel what's- Oh!!! Don't worry Angel, he won't hurt you.

Sora-Y..yeah, I mean..I..hate hurting other living things. Lives are sacred, that's what I believe.

Fluttershy- Truer words were never spoken.

Sora-I..I might have had to hunt for food before..b..but I swear I don't enjoy it. P...Please give me a chance.

Sora looked at Angle with a desperate look.

Fluttershy-Hmm, you seem different then a lot of foxes I've seen before.

Sora-Well, I hung around Ponyvill for a I guess I learned how to honest...I much prefer it's peaceful lifestyle...then the epic life of the forest.

Sora-Anyway, you said something about lunch?
Fluttershy-Oh right!

Gets him some food and pours it into a bowl.

Sora-*sniffs it* What is this stuff?

Fluttershy-It's a form of fox food, I got it from out of town. It's got berries, nuts, and um...chicken remains

Sora-Wait..t..this has the remains of chickens.

Fluttershy-Yeah...they lived good lives, but applejack's dog needs some meat in her diet. sure it's okay I eat it...I don't want to be disrespectful.

Fluttershy was at a loss. Normally foxes when handed a meal like that would jump at the opportunity to just dig in...however, sora seemed to be acting hesitant, but slowly ate it. Afterwards he did something that shocked her. He took what was left of his food, about enough to fill the bottom and burried it.

Fluttershy-What, are you doing?

She asked confused.

Sora-Burrying them, even if they lived good lives...I was taught that a fox should only take a life unless they need it for food...and even then they should treat it with respect...even after it is dead...because they gave their lives for that meal.

Fluttershy-W...Wow, that's a very mature way to look at it. I'm proud that you feel that way.

Sora-Thanks, it's just my personal beliefs. Besides, I much prefer apples, and of course...Mmmm, rasberries.

Fluttershy-You like them I take it.

Sora-Oh that's putting it mildly, I LOVE them! They are my absolute fave food!

Fluttershy-Sounds like you have a sweet tooth.

Sora-*licks his teeth* They aren't sweet, they're....kind of tasteless actually.

Angle covered her mouth laughing, and even Fluttershy couldn't help but let out a giggle.

Fluttershy-No no, a sweet tooth means you like sweet things.

Sora-Oooooh, now I understand. Yeah, I love sweet things they make my mouth happy. Oh, um that bluish pony said something about seeing someone called Twilight?

Fluttershy-Oh Yeah, Rainbow Dash said we should show you to one of our friends Twilight, she's always got her head in a book and is trying to understand all that's there to understand, and a talking fox would be right up her ally. Besides, she might know more of how I should take care of you.

Sora tilted his head.

Sora-Take care of me?

Fluttershy-Well, yeah I can't just let a fox your age be all on his own.

Sora-...Thanks for the offer...but be honest I've been on my own long enough to know how to take care of seem to have your paws full with all these other critters...I don't want to be a burden.

Fluttershy-Sora, you have been through a very traumatic experience...please let us help you though it...

Sora-....You have no idea what I've been though...if you might be even to much for you to handle.

Fluttershy-Yeah, I can't imagine the pain you went through...but you don't have to suffer it alone.
Sora-..Thanks Fluttershy...that means a lot...I'll stick around the town until the Timberwolves clear out of the area..and maybe find a better home....see ya.

Sora walked out shutting the door behind him.

Angel looked at her.

Fluttershy-...He needs to come when he's can't be forced. I'm going to Twilights. Maybe she'd have some advice...after all she's the Princess of Friendship.

Angel nodded.
She went to the castle.

Fluttershy-Twilight, you in here?

Twilight-I'm right here Fluttershy!

Fluttershy walked up and saw Twilight with her head in a book at her desk.

Fluttershy-Twilight..I' a bit of an issue.

Twilight-What is it Fluttershy?

She looked at her.

Fluttershy-Well, you see...

Fluttershy explained about Sora.

Twilight-Wow, a talking fox...that's...increadable...I actually do have some books on them.

Fluttershy-Thanks Twilight, I'll brush up on them tonight.

Twilight-....However..this...might even be out of my area of expertise...

Fluttershy-Huh, but you're the Princess of Friendship.

Twilight-*leans in her chair* Losing a persons parents is a very heavy blow and it can mess a pony up to no end...words of comfort will only do so much...all we really can do is be there for him when he needs us.

Fluttershy-Thanks Twilight.

Twilight-No prob Fluttershy, now come on I'll show ya where the books are located.

Fluttershy-Kay, coming!


Sora-*walks up to a shop with some bits* One thing of raspberries please.

Shop owner-Certainly...wait....gah!!! A talking fox!!!!!!
Sora-P...Please don't be scared...I..I learned your language t...that's it honest!!! A-anyway..I do have some bits to pay for them..p...please I'm very hungry.

Owner-I don't know I've never done business with a fox before.

Rainbow-Hey, is that anyway to treat a paying customer!? If you won't take it from him I'll pay for them.

Owner-W..whoa, cool it Rainbowdash! I never said I was rejecting him. Just...don't see many talking foxes around that's all, but money's money.

*takes it*

Here ya go little guy.
*hands him a pack of raspberries*

Sora-Thank you Mister.

*sits on a bench with everyone staring at him*

Sora-Mmm-mmm my fave, these look so ripe! *digs in* Mmmm, pure heaven.

Rainbow sat down beside him

Rainbow-You sure like those a lot.

Sora-Mmm-hmmm they're my fave food.

Rainbow-I thought you'd be with Fluttershy.

Sora-she said she wanted to take care of me, but I'm honestly good. I grew up for quite a while on my own. That run in with those Timberwolves is just something that goes with the territory. really did lose your folks...

Sora put his food down. my fault matter how many people tell me it's not

Rainbow-I'm really sorry, but hey we'll help ya through it.

Sora-I do appreciate it, but I don't want to be a burden.

Rainbow-Nonsense. Now come on! *starts pushing*

Sora-W...whoa, where we going?

Rainbow-To Twilight's castle.

They made it to the castle.


Rainbow-Pretty cool huh?

Sora-It looks like someone just took a block of ice and made it into the biggest ice sculpture ever. It's SOOOOO coool!

Rainbow-Hehe, never heard it put quite like that, but I do see it. So, should we go inside?

Sora-*gulp* A...And meet P..Princess Twilight?

Rainbow-Yep, and between you and me...she's one of the easiest ones to approach.

Sora-I..If you say so.

They went inside.

Twilight-And here's one on their diet, oh and you might want to see there grooming info.

Fluttershy-U..uh Twilight, I already got 12 books...I..I think I'm covered...this will take me days to read.

Twilight-Really? I can get this all read in an afternoon.


Rainbow-Ooooooh Twilight, I got someone who wants to meet you.

Both of them turned and saw Rainbow holding sora up.

Sora-Uh, c..can you please put me down.
Twilight jumped backwards.

Twilight-Holy Celestea, he does talk!

Fluttershy-Told you.

Sora-Yes, I'm the talking fox put me on display bring the kids.

Rainbow-Hahaha, oh man what a card.

Sora-*clears throat* Rainbow Dash was it?

Rainbow-Yep, what is it?

Sora-Please put me down.

Rainbow-Oh, sorry.

Twilight-So, you're this fox Fluttershy's taking care of?

Sora-*sigh* not this again...look guys I'm flattered and all, just wouldn't work...for one thing Fluttershy seems to have her paws...or..hooves as the case maybe full with all the other critters.

Fluttershy-Like I said Sora, it's no big are still a young kit. You can't really take care of yourself.

Sora-I've been doing just fine for the past year thank you very much.

Twilight-Alright alright, take it easy Sora.

Fluttershy-Um, sorry I didn't mean to insult's just that today you nearly got hurt.

Sora-Oh, you mean from the Timber wolves? Yeah, I am aware of that...but that was just a one time thing...I'll just got to a place in the forest that doesn't have them in the area.

Twilight-Sora...I don't have to be the princess of friendship to see that you're pushing us away...why are you?

Sora-B..Because...I c..can't get close to anyone!

Fluttershy-what do you mean?
Sora-....*starts crying* My...parents...are both gone...and it's my fault...

Twilight-what happened...I know it's painful..but please...

Sora-When..I was a year mom...went out for started raining...and...she didn't come back...*voice breaking* w...we went out the next day..and found her body...s..she died getting me food.

Each of them looked at eachother. And Twilight put her hoof on Sora's shoulder. can't blame yourself for wasn't your was no ones...things just happen sometimes...

Sora-M..Me and Daddy burried her...I...was sad...for a long time I had him...that's what I thought....but...a few months later....I..was learning how to climb..and daddy was encouraging me....but...I slipped...and...landed in a..t...tar pit

Fluttershy-*gasp* M..My goodness, those can be very dangerous for any critter...let alone a baby fox!

Sora-tell me about it...I cried for help...and Daddy tried to get me...but then...we heard Timber wolves...and...he...jumped in and got me out...I panicked..and tried to get him out...but he told me to run..I..t..tried to argue...b..but he yelled at me to...I..didn't want to...but I obeyed...and ran...when...I was sure they were gone I ran to the pit....but...he was gone...

Each of them looked sadly at eachother.

Sora-*crying* It's all my fault..I..I killed them both! it wasn't...neither of you knew it was there...your dad sacrificed himself to save you...that's what parents do...they lookout for their kids.

Rainbow-Yeah, don't be so hard on yourself.

Sora-E..Easy for you to say. * Sniff*

Fluttershy-Sora...* hugs him* It's going to be wasn't your fault...we'll help you through it.

Sora-I..I'm just fine!

Fluttershy-Don't even try that, those tears in your eyes say otherwise.

Sora-So what if I lost them, I can..get by on my own...

Twilight-Sora...please...give us a chance. It says in all my books that the best way to solve a problem like this is among friends.

Rainbow-You don't need a book to tell you that you egg head.

Twilight-Aaaanyway, what do you say sora?

Sora-.........Okay, thank you..

Twilight-There you go, see, that wasn't so hard.

Fluttershy-Will you stay with me?

Sora-Yeah, I guess...just takes a bit to get used to.

Fluttershy-It'll be okay sora, trust me.
It was the morning after the horrifying ordeal of the mindless destruction caused by that unkown Charazard and his lackeys...the village was in shambles and anything that wasn't burned to the ground was so badly damaged that it might as well have been. Omi who helped them that evening was helping clear away some of the rubble, being he was a fire type the heat didn't bother him.

Omi-How horrible...why...why did this have to happen? He said as he picked up a stone still smoldering from the fire.

When all of a sudden he heard the little kids of the village crying.

Aria-* Holding a crying Azuril * There there little one, you're safe * pets her*

Azuril-M..My home it's g...g...gone!!! Whaaaaaaaa! * Crying into her arms *

Omi walked up to them.

Omi-...Believe me...I know how you each feel...this is the second home of mine to be almost lost. lost your home?

Omi-Yeah...I don't like talking about it...but to sum it up...there was a traitor...He burned the place down..and....injured a lot..but we rebuilt and we were able to move on and become stronger. We can do the same lives were lost...the damage can be repaired...the pokemon can be healed..and we can recover...that's what the PGA is all about. Taking something that seemingly has no hope and bringing hope to it.

Teddursa-*starts crying* why..why..what did we ever do to them, we've been good. What did we do to deserve this!?

Aria-Some Pokemon are just heartless...and are willing to do whatever it takes to get their way...even if it means stepping on others, but Omi's right we can recover...and we will bring that person who organized it...don't worry.

Omi- * Starts singing in a pretty voice. * Hush little one..shed no more tears, for tomorrow the sunlight will melt away your fears...hush little one these hardships have come, but they will soon melt away in the morning sun...hush little ones...shed no more tears....hush little ones be as still as snow...hush little ones...just let those..fears go.

Each of them stopped crying.

Aria-that..was really pretty.

Omi-My..daddy used to sing it to me when I wouldn't calm down.

Aria-uses her sing now they're calm and they fall asleep.

She walked up to him.

Aria-You them about your home...didn't you?

Omi-....Blazefist killed everyone of the tribe...and reduced the place to ash...however, this village is strong. Not just with the PGA but the villagers too...we can rebuild this place...and I swear...I'm not going to lose another home...that I can promise.

Aria-Why didn't you tell them that?

Omi-simple...because it'll give them hope.

Aria-Heh, good answer.
Pokemon Guardians Alliance
Written Application

Poke Money (Shards):0 poke
Heart Scales:0


Name: Omi
Age Range:7 (child)
Rank:1 White

Characteristic: Often dozes off

Ability: Blaze


-Focus Punch
-Fire Spin

Control- 3

Personality- Omi, isn't the sharpest tool in the shed being secluded from society for almost all his life. However, he isn't the kind of mon you want to get on his bad side. He's...kind of got a temper and can wreck things up if things go wrong..However, on the other hand, he is fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect his friends...even if it costs him his life. Ironically he's a pacifist and will avoid a fight if possible.

Omi is actually the son of a leader of a tribe of Chimchar line pokemon in the Astatine Mountain Rang ...however his brother hungry for power killed them all and nearly killed him. He managed to escape..and start a new life in Amity Forest. Soon afterwards he fainted from his injuries but was rescued by Eneki who was looking for medical herbs and found him. Even after asking him what happened. He just kept saying “Let's just trouble.” He's very quiet about it and...never wanted them to find out...but one day he broke down crying after seeing families in the local town..and eventually spilled his past...they felt sorry for him and told him that their sure his family is watching over him...and after he learned what their group was about...he joined without a second thought as a thank you for saving him. So needless to say he's very careful about protecting others...However...he has a bit of a dark secret. His ability blaze is...not normal. It increases his power times 10, but he can't control it and almost turns into a needless to say he doesn't use it unless a last resort. He calls it “The Tribes Protection” and seeks to master it so it doesn't control him and can use it to help others rather than hurt them.


Accessories and Items- Omi has a deep scar on his shoulder from when his brother mercilessly killed the tribe and has a Power Band covering it for two reasons. First, it boasts the power of his dig and focus punch allowing him to end battles quickly, but also hides it because it reminds him of what happened...and who he is today.
Omi's Bio
Trivia- Omi can't read being he was kind of secluded from everyone, but ironically was trained as a leader to be the next leader of the tribe. :p
He has actually a good singing voice, even if he won't ever admit it.
he sometimes works with the guilds nurse to try and help others in case he needs to heal someone in the field.
As tough as Omi tries to be...he's still just a kid and sometimes it sneaks through...which embarrasses him. Worst is when other mons go around saying "aww, how cute."
He has a bit of a tendency to...fall asleep on the spot when he's bored.
It was early in the morning and Katie helped Ryder get each of the pups ready.

Ryder-Thanks for the help Katie, it's not easy feeding them like this.

Katie-It's not trouble at all Ryder, you ready for yours?

Ryder blushed.

Ryder-O...Oh yeah, mine.

Katie-what, don't you like Mr. Porters food?

Ryder-N..No it's really good, but it's kind of embarrassing eating pup food in front of the pups...let alone you.

Chase looked up from his bowl.

Chase-It's okay Ryder, we won't judge.

Rocky-Yeah, you're our leader no matter what you look like or what you eat.


Ryder poured himself some.

Fang looked down at it.

Katie-You want some Fang?

Fang-Uh, no offense but it kind of looks like rabbit droppings.

Ryder-It's some food made by a good friend of ours.

Rubble-Yeah, trust us it's fantastic!!!

Rubble said as he scarfed down the rest of his bowl.

Fang-well...I am famished, and if everyone else is eating it. Sure, pour me some.

Katie-Okay, hey Rocky, do you have any extra bowls in your truck?

Rocky-Course, I got pretty much everything in there.

Rocky ran to it and started digging.

Rocky-Lets see here...*toss out a toy ball* No. *then a tire* Uh-uh..Ah-ha! *runs out with one*

Marshall-Rocky your truck never ceases to amaze me with what comes out of it.

Chase-yeah, doesn't that weigh your truck down?

Ryder-Not really, I had my dad have Rocky's truck with extra strong hydraulic supports.

Rocky-Yep, so it can handle very heavy loads.

Skye-Wow Ryder, you really thought ahead making these with your dad.

Ryder-Course I did, I had to make sure everything was perfect.

Fang-That's the sign of someone who deeply cares.

Katie-He sure does, last month he read them each a bed time story because they had a nightmare.
Each of them blushed as they remembered.

Ryder-Hehe, to me they're like my kids. They always make me proud, and if they need anything. I'll always do my best to help them.

Chase-Y..Yeah, he's always there for us when we need him.

Marshall-Yeah, matter how embarrassing it is...he always helps us.

Fang-...wish I had someone like that.


Fang-I live in this woods, it's my home.

Katie-That's pretty cool, so how's the food?

Fang-Surprisingly tasty.

He says as he finishes.

Fang-Okay, now we need to plan on getting to the ruins.

Ryder-Right, where is it exactly?

Fang-It's pretty far from here. It's on the south side of the forest.

Skye-Wait, do you mean those funny looking buildings covered in growth?

Fang-That'd be them.

Ryder-You know about them skye?

Skye-I see them every now and then, but they look kind of I never explored them.

Ryder-It's okay, kind of a smart idea to just leave them alone if you don't know what they are.

Chase-Yeah, we don't want you getting hurt.

Skye-Thanks guys.

Ryder-Okay, everyone know what they need to do?

Pups-Sure do Ryder sir!

Ryder-Okay, Paw Patrol is on a roll!!


Fang-Uh, yay!

Each of them went to the spot Fang and Skye led to, and before them were some very old ruins.

Chase-Is this it?

Fang-Yeah, The Canis Tribe's Ruins.

Ryder-This, might have the answers we need.

Chase-Let's go sir.

Zuma-Yeah, don't worry dude we'll get to the bottom of this.


Each of them went in and inside they found some writing on the walls.

Rubble-Um, guys I think someone drew on these walls, boy they will get in trouble.
Chase-Huh? Let me see that! *ruff* light!

Chase shined a light on it and revealed ancient writing and pictures carved into the walls.

Chase-T...Those aren't just pictures, they're ancient writing!! This is it!!  

Ryder-Wow, this..this place is so cool!


Rubble-Uh, what was that?

Zuma-P..Please tell me that was your belly dude.

Rubble-I..I wish it was.

Just then a Brindle Yorkie with a star mark on her forhead angerly aproched them.

???-This is sacred ground, leave now!!!

Fang-Easy, we're here to learn about these ruins.

???-Like heck I'll allow it, you're thieves!

Ryder-W...What, now we're not. We're the Paw Patrol!

???-Never heard of you, and I don't care! I'm the guardian of these ruins.

Chase-P..Please let us explain, our friend has been turned into a dog, we need information. That's all!!

???-Eh, turned into a dog?

Ryder-Yes, we found the Stone of the Dogs..and it did this!
???-W..What, b...but that would can't be..

Ryder-It's all true, we swear!

???-Hmm, very well..I'll allow you to explore these ruins, but I'm coming with. I've got my eyes on you guys.

Lora-Lora, the names Lora.

Ryder-Okay Lora, lead the way.

Lora-So, how did you find it?

Ryder-By pure accident honestly, we were saving a friend in a cave...and found it.


Skye-Something wrong?

Lora-Yeah, but I'll get to it in a few min....we're here.

They were in a room filled with pictures.

Lora-Allow me to tell the story. Long ago, before this land was made into a town it was home to a tribe of natives known as the “Canis Tribe” and their sacred anime was the dog. They felt it was the embodiment of courage and strength...however, as close as they were to them...they couldn't understand their language...they prayed to their gods..and one day their prayers were answered and gave birth to the stone of the dogs. It bathed the land in a mystic purple light from land to land.

Chase-Wait, so you're saying that stone is what gave dogs the ability to speak with people?

Lora-Exactly...however...things soon took a drastic turn...they learned they could take their love for them one step further with the stones power..and become dogs themselves.


Lora-This caused conflict for other tribes...and even a full scale war broke out over it.

Ryder-It's understandable...something that valuable is bound to be fought over sooner or later.

Lora-Yeah...the tribe wanted nothing more then to stop the mindless they prayed to the gods for answers...and once again...they were heard...they hid the stone in an ancient temple and put a spell on it.

Ryder-A spell?

Lora-Correct, they had their gods seal away the stones power..and only have it so that descendants of the tribe..and one who shared their love for the dog were able to tap into it.


Chase-Whoa whoa whoa! Back it up, are you saying that!?

Rocky-R..Ryder might

Zuma-A descendant of them!?

Lora-It's the only way that the stone would have responded to him.

Chase-T..That explains it!!! Jake touched the stone and didn't change, but Ryder did!!!

Skye-Wait a second, his dad did to, and he didn't change.

Zuma-Maybe..he doesn't have as strong of a connection as Wyder does.

Ryder-D..Dad never was into them as much as I was...I...I've love dogs long as I can remember...b...but a descendant of that tribe...t...there's no way...

Lora-...You're not making this up...are you...

Chase-That's what we've been saying since we got here!


Skye-Hey, know a lot about this

Lora-I'm...a descendant of the tribe as of the last dog's of the tribe.

Ryder-I..Is there a way to reverse it?

Lora-In all honesty...I don't know...there is no information that I'm aware of that mentions it...I guess they just stayed as one..but never went back.

Chase-Great, we're back to square one...

Ryder-Not exactly...knowing this history is a lot...we'll find a way.

Rocky-Wow Ryder, you sound pretty confident.

Ryder-Well, now that we know how it happened..we can take this information and use it. After all, no job is to big, no pups to small!

Lora-*nuzzles Ryder* I'll do all I can to help.

Ryder-U..Um, thanks.

Ryder said blushing.


Fang-Well, this is getting more interesting. I wonder what will happen next.

Ryder-Not sure, but lets go home.

Katie-You sure Ryder?

Ryder-yeah, pup or human the town needs us. Lets go Paw Patrol!!!


Lora-I might as well tag along, gets kind of Lonely in this ol temple.

Fang-Same here.

Ryder-Okay, I'll get a place ready for you to stay. Katie, can you give me a hand?

Katie-Course Ryder.

Ryder-Thanks Katie, still getting used to this.

Chase-We'll help you Ryder.

Skye-Yeah, we're family aren't we?

Ryder-yeah..I guess we are...Come on guys home awaits.
It was the day of the race and both racers were making their final adjustments to their planes. Sonic was still not liking this idea and walked inside Tails hanger. Tails noticed him and put his tools down.

Tails-Hey Sonic, look I know you're here to try and talk me out of this, but I've got no choice, it's to big of a risk.

Sonic-I'm not here to..


Sonic-I'm here to help ya get it ready, Tails...I respect your choice to take this chance to help us, so I want you to know we're behind ya all the way.

Tails-Thanks Sonic, that means a lot.

Sonc-No prob buddy, now let's get crackin!


high five

Tails gave him some basic instructions of what he needed and even though it was out of Sonic's element working on the insides of the plane they got it done.

Tails-That should do it, I replaced the 6 pistion combustion chamber with a 8 piston, used the best oil they had, and used my own personal blend of gas. Let's test her out.

Sonic-Oh yeah, time to get flying!

Tails fired it up, and it roared to life!

Sam-W-Whoa, that sounds.

John- Incredible, it's almost as if Entie's making those pistons turn.

Professor Oak-That would be the legendary fire dog Pokemon. It's said that every time it roars a volcano erupts somewhere on the planet.

Tails-Y..Yikes, that's pretty terrifying.

Sonic-No kidding, I'd hate to go up against a Pokemon like that. I mean causing a freaking volcano to go off with a roar.

Professor Oak-It is, like all legendarily. I'll tell you bout them later. It seems your plane is about set.

Tails-Yeah, I'm pretty nervous, but I've never backed down from a race and I don't intend to start now!

Sonic-That's the spirit!

Meanwhile Team Rocket and Eggman were setting a trap over the track.

Jessie-Hoho, this is going to be fun.

Meowth-You bet it is Jess, and now finally we'll get that twerps Pikachu.

Eggman-Riiiiiight, why do you guys want that thing again?

James-Well you see, our mission is to steal rare pokemon and give it to the boss, and this pikachu's power is well above normal so it's prime material.

Bocco-Um, based on what I've seen. Pikachu isn't that rare, and even if that one is above normal doesn't mean that it's the ONLY one like that.

Meowth-what's that mean?

Eggman-It means that you idiots have been chasing this guy all over the planet after this one pokemon, when you could have been searching for one even better!

James-Well, maybe that is true...but every one of his have been grade A poaching material.

Eggman-Well, I can see some logic in that kind of thinking I guess. Now, are the explosives set?

Meowth-Yep, everything's all set just give the word.
Eggman-Hehe, knowing that fox he'll keep his word and they'll be one less pain to deal with. He said as he smiled evilly.

Meanwhile Tails and John were at the start line setting in their planes.

John-Should I call the paramedics yet?

Tails-Thanks, but I'll be fine a race around a canyon. Piece of cake.

John-Lets see how far that coyness gets ya.

Skyla got on a tall rock and looked down to the two planes.

Skyla-Okay, the rules are simple. First one who makes it though this canyon and back to the starting line wins. On your marks, get set...GO!!!

Each of them took off and actually stayed pretty even.

John-Hmm, it seems you aren't just full of hot air about your flying skills.

Tails-I'm going to win this, my friends need me!

John-We'll see about that.

Sonic and the others watched from the stands.

Amy-Sonic, I'm worried...what if he?

Sonic closed his eyes and said.

Sonic-Tails knows the risk...but I have faith in him.

Ash-He's got this, from what I've seen...he won't go down without a fight.

Both John and tails preformed some insane moves around the canyon, each not giving an inch.

John-You're a skilled pilot Tails, but no match for me!

John put it into full and zoomed past Tails.

Tails-I'm not going to lose here!!!

Pushes his plane too full.


everyone heard his voice and spotted him to late.


Ash-Team Rocket!!

Professor Oak-Oh great these clowns.

Jessie- Prepare for trouble.

James-And make it-

Eggman-Save the stupid motto, we have a freaking job to do!!!!!! Take this Tails!!!

sets off the dynamite causing a rockslide

John-Why you dirty little!!!

Tails expertly flies through the rockslide dodging each of them. However just as he sees the finish line he spots Johns plane get hit.

John-Gah, I'm hit!!!!

Tails then shocked everyone by turning around and flying into the fray of falling rocks up to Johns plane.

Tails-John Get in hurry!!!!!

John looked at Tails in disbelief

Tails-Don't just stall, do it!!!

John nodded and got in the back seat.

John-We're going to crash, there's no room!!

John pointed to the rockslide all around them creating no way out. Tails refusing to give up looked up and saw a break around the wall of the canyon.

Tails-Hang on tight!!!

Tails to everyones shock flew his plane on its side and uses the wheels of it to fly against the wall of the canyon.

Skyla-W..Wow, t..that's insane!!!!

Amy-I can't watch!

covers her eyes

Sonic-Come on buddy you can do it!

Just then they vanished in a cloud of smoke.


Tails and john flew out of the smoke and crossed the finish line at full speed, but landing was a problem and the skidded a good 500 feet before finally stopping.

Tails-*phew*....that....that was some...ride...*looks at the sky*

Sonic and everyone ran up to him.

Sonic-Tails, John are you okay!?


Skyla-Wow, Tails, that was insane!!!

Tails put his helmet on the seat of the plane and walked up to John silently.


Tails-....John....I'm ready for my end of the bet.


Amy-B..But Tails you crossed the finish line first. You won!!! was a tie...being he was in my plane we both crossed at the same time...and even though no one one won....and I lost because of I'm ready to be your mechanic...just as I said I would..

John-Heh, you got more guts then any flier I ever saw. I'd be honored to make you your own plane.

Tails-H..Huh, b..but I lost!

John-Tails...there is much more to racing then simply winning...what you showed back there was true sportsmanship. You turned back to save me knowing it could cost you everything...and to me that is winning.

Sonic-Heh, I agree with that logic.

Professor Oak-Same here.

Skyla-That's my dad for ya...a real stick in the mud, but has a great heart.

Everyone laughed.

Eggman was watching them steaming mad.

Eggman-Blast it!!!!!

Bocco-That was a fine race though.

Eggman-Hump, as much as I hate to admit it...that was a good ending to it. No matter, I have a backup plan. Come on, we need to get back to Kanto.

Meanwhile back with Tails.

John-So Tails, what would ya like?

Tails put his hand on the plane he used.

Tails-This ol girl served me very well in this race...the handling was amazing and the speed was great.

John-Yeah, there was a time where this plane was undefeated in races all over. However, her owner passed away's almost as if she didn't want to work anymore...but she did for you.
Tails smiled.

Tails-I believe everything takes on a life of it's own when a user puts their own heart and soul into it...I can tell that she's been well taken care of...and I promise to treat her well.

John-Then she will do the same for you.

Tails-she just needs some modifications to make her ready.

That night everyone stayed at the towns pokemon center.

Ash-Man Tails, that was some great flying.

Misty-No kidding, I felt like my heart was going jump out of my chest.

Tails blushed.

Tails-I..It was nothing really. Me and Sonic were put in those situations a lot thanks to Eggman.

Professor Oak-Ugh, that guy's annoying.

Tails-Noooo kidding, that was very close fact there was a point where I thought that there was no way out...

Sonic-You handled it like a pro bud, I'm very proud of you.

Tails-Thanks Sonic.

They hugged.

Ash's stomach growled.

Ash-Sorry, that's my hungry tummy.

Tails-Hehe, it sure picked a funny time to make itself known.

Just then Tails stomach did the same causing him to blush.

Sonic-hehe, look who's talking bro.

Ash-come on lets get some food.

Meanwhile at Ash's house.

Delia-That son of how he's grown..
looks at the photo of them
Delia-David...if only you could see your son now, he's come such a long way...

Just then there was a knock at the door.

Delia-Oh coming!
opens the door

Delia-Um, hello?

Eggman-Hello there miss, I'm afraid you'll have to come with us.

Not Dead.

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Yeah um, I'm so sorry for not doing well....anything on here for a while. I've been super busy with this new job and hardly had a chance to breathe. However, I am working on my stories including an experimental MLP one of having sora enter their world and chaos pokemon of couse.

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